About Us

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Ken Blanchard

Whom we work with?

Our Story


After over two decades of working for the industry, it was time we thought, to explore a more meaningful work that would result in a two-way satisfaction - for one who works and to whom it is meant for.

The key question was - what was that most popular act in the past decade that consistently brought two - way satisfaction?  The answer was - solving issues related to people and their functional roles, grooming subtle but brilliant ideas that would lead to substantial business growth and mentoring younger professionals to make the right career choices and perform even better when the going is tough.

Perhaps Sridhar is one of those handfuls who coached –as a manager- some of his team members to go and excel for careers beyond their working context!This is when the professional talents had out grown the organization they were engaged with    

Thus, was born DeSika -   Pronounced Deshika, a Sanskrit term for Teacher. It’s here we do what we think we are best at (and so acknowledged by others).

Our Approach

In order to get closer to our purpose , we employ our relevant experience, problem understanding and engage with individuals and organizations to learn their interests, goals and issues on hand. To reach our goals we engage with you coaching 1-1, apply the right management principles that aligns us to the goal on hand and exchange ideas on business topics for small groups through seminars, where we bring in the needed theory and applications together and more.

Be it an organization or an individual we take people and their subjects seriously and work compassionately with them to bring about higher growth in them -That’s our purpose!

We Acknowledge

An honest admission – Although we love to be wizards in solving every issue that comes our way, practically we are not there yet. Before committing to an engagement, we make our efforts to evaluate and match our strengths with the task on hand. This sometimes could make us appear a little “choosy” about whom we work with, this is only because of our commitment towards a meaningful engagement and delivery. 

While our client engagement is professional, one may find the absence of business and sales pitch . This is a reflection of our compassionate approach towards people in resolving their professional stress and managing higher growth.

Meet the Experts

Sridhar Gopal

Sridhar brings in two decades of professional experience mostly from IT and entrepreneurial back grounds. His two key takeaways from his experience are : People are the indispensable asset of any organization and the key to an organization’s   success is its continuous learning. Sridhar is an alumnus of University of Mysore (Business mgt) and IIFT(Int bus). His focus is on developing excellence among mid and senor professionals and also entrepreneurship development. More on linkedin.com/in/shrigopal.

K V Subramanian Phd

KVS comes from a management background. He has made over two decades of contributions in developing effective management systems, strategies structures and practices both in domestic and overseas organizations in their business process He understands the organizational needs and provides solutions that often brings in a win – win situations. He is an alumnus of IIM – B with a Fellow Doctoral Program and author of “Know the enemy within”. KVS specializes in developing management systems and employability skills among the early stage professionals

Malini Garani

Malini is an industrial psychologist and specializes in psychometry and corporate counselling. She has conducted a study on “Need satisfaction among the public sector Employees”. This Study has given her an in depth understanding of Employee understanding“ needs and wants” of professionals and organizations.  She is alumnus of University of Mysore in industrial psychology and is a Gold medalist. Malini brings her experience in employee welfare(stress) management  and  Psychometric instruments.