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Management learning and sharing is a part of our work and we never miss an opportunity being there! Seminars and workshops are one of the best platform for getting new knowledge inputs, besides meeting a few like-minded companions. At DeSika we call this event as Classroom. Classroom sessions are knowledge sharing sessions on business theories and its applications.

Welcome to the Classroom

Participants are welcome to register for the seminars using the registration forms. If you find the location of the classroom  could have been held somewhere closer to you, do write to us about details of the preferred location, we will explore the possibilities of coming to your suggested or closest location and will keep you posted on this.

Our Classroom topics

Idea to Growth – An Enterprise Talk, is all about preparing oneself for the journey of an entrepreneur. This seminar is expected to give insights to common, yet extraordinary aspects of almost any entrepreneurial venture. The seminar is virtually for anyone who has a mere thought of a start up to an early stage entrepreneur.

The  interactive sessions spread over the day or two depending on the participants need assessment, engages the participants in various business theories that addresses Ideas , elements that bridges between an idea and the business proposition, elements of  business planning ,identifying markets and other relevant aspects to almost all entrepreneurs. its practical applications are worked out as activities. 

Upon completion of the program the participants are expected to be well aware of the key areas of business management and planning for a successful start of a more enjoyable journey of your venture.

Serve Well to Grow Is all about  providing a fine quality of service in any sector such that the customer would wish to stay or come back often  with the service providing organization due to its quality experience. Many organizations and individuals understand the importance of service, however at the point of delivery its effectiveness often remains undelivered. This is a cause of worry for many businesses as it often hurts its revenue and threatens its very existence.

The service seminar – Serve Well to Grow is an effort to educate and bring awareness among service providers to deliver their best service prowess to their customers and besides retaining a satisfied customer base also grow your revenues. An effective service delivery ensures that the personnel will have an ample opportunity for growth along with the organization.

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The seminars are designed to work for any service providers – hotel staff, docs and support staff in hospitals, educational institutions support and teaching staff, transport services staff etc- these sessions are designed and delivered in consultations with the organizations.

Apart from the said topics team DeSika would be conducting need based seminars in other management topics in consultation with the corporate teams.

Henry Ford

“Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich.”

Henry Ford

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

Tickets Coming Soon

We'll be organizing seminar and link to buy tickets will be shared here. Stay tuned.

Tickets Coming Soon

We'll be organizing seminar and link to buy tickets will be shared here. Stay tuned.